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In recent years, the Cincinnati community has experienced unprecedented growth. The Mesivta of Cincinnati was founded to provide bachurim with a superior Mesivta education in the heart of Cincinnati's flourishing Torah community. The Mesivta offers the serious Ben Torah the best possible educational, social and emotional Yeshiva experience in a warm Torah environment — combining Cincinnati’s unique, caring and nurturing community with a high level of learning and great academic standards.

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“We give students skills, we teach them how to learn a Gemara, and we try at the same time to ignite the inner spark — the fire, the neshama, the drive, the connection, the simcha and the ahavah — helping them not only to have skills and knowledge but to be happy and well-adjusted, with good middos and ahavas Hashem — who have a connection with their rebbeim and feel the warmth that the Yeshiva feels towards them — to establish a rebbe-talmid connection — which is so crucial for today.”

rabbi hillel shepard


Mesivta of Cincinnati is headed by our dynamic menahel Rabbi Hillel Shepard. Warm and caring, he understands chinuch in today’s generation. The quintessential leader, he is a talmid chochom as well as a person who has the vision and the drive to help the mesivta and its students realize their potential.

Rabbi Minster

“I’ve watched boys in our community grow and go on to yeshivos out of town. But as we have grown as a community, it’s time for us to have our own Yeshiva... My wife and I are very excited about the prospect of sending our own son to Yeshiva here in Cincinnati.“

rav meir minster

Rosh kollel, cincinnati community kollel

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