Accredited Dual Curriculum

Not only are limudei kodesh given extreme importance, but our secular studies program receives tremendous focus as well. We provide the highest academic standards in the context of a Torah-true perspective, synthesizing the education of our talmidim. Extra-curricular activities are also part of the Mesivta experience: including music, sports, field trips and more.

Judaic Studies


Mesivta of Cincinnati offers a Limudei Kodesh curriculum that trains and empowers our talmidim to become proficient and independent in reading, learning, understanding and structuring the sugyos of iyun and b'kius. Success breeds success! Our curriculum is designed to ensure that every talmid masters textual skills and gains the confidence needed for a lifetime of learning. Bochurim are shown and taught to recognize the depth and richness of our mesorah and to love their learning.

Judaic 2
Judaic 1


  • 1 Halacha
  • 2 Gemara B’iyun
  • 3 Gemara B’kius
  • Inyonim D’yoma
  • Mussar

We are dedicated to meeting the individual learning needs of every talmid. Our faculty is skilled in utilizing a variety of teaching styles and techniques to reach every bochur at his level and engage him fully in the shiur.

Secular Studies


The Mesivta’s torah-based and accredited secular studies program opens up the students’ minds and hearts to the depth and beauty of G-d’s universe, and inspires them to want to understand the world around them. Our program develops students’ critical thinking and research skills and instills the desire to achieve academic excellence.

We continually assess our students’ academic standing, give help in areas which require extra support, and provide enrichment acceleration both in class and in extracurricular activites.

Secular Studies Image 2



Composition, Vocabulary, Public speaking


Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Business math,


Physical, Life, Chemistry,

Social Studies

American and World History
U.S. Government

Financial Literacy

Extra Curricular Activities

Mesivta 2023 General (4 of 47)

Mesivta of Cincinnati provides various outlets for after learning energies, including a workout gym and music room. In addition, our Talmidim also enjoy:

Oneg shabbos by Rebbeim
Motzei Shabbos Basketball League
Weekly Sunday afternoon trips for Dorm Bochurim
Monthly Yeshiva Trips
Major Ski Trip
Annual Shabbaton in Tennessee

Mesivta 2023 General (4 of 47)
music room

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